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Press Releases

(2010-06-20) New Website Urges Boycott of Sacramento City Businesses
(2010-07-30) Boycott Sacramento Members Urge Sacramento City Council to Rescind Arizona Boycott

Stories about

(2010-06-20) News10 TV (Sacramento, CA) -  Video
(2010-06-20) CBS13 TV (Sacramento, CA) -  Video
(2010-06-21) KFBK  Radio (Sacramento, CA) - Website
(2010-06-21) Univision 19  TV (Sacramento, CA) - Website
(2010-06-21) Fox40 TV (Sacramento, CA) -  Video
(2010-06-21) From the Capitol (Sacramento, CA) - Website
(2010-06-22) KFIV 1380 Radio (Modesto/Stockton, CA) - Website  The Dave Diamond Show June 22, 2010 podcast is on iTunes (interview started at 5:15)
(2010-06-23) WorldNetDaily ( Online News - Article
(2010-08-02) Sacramento Press (Sacramento, CA) - Article

Other Related Media Links

(2010-05-20) Arizona Boycotts Unethical and Unjustified -- Ethics Alarms website
(2010-06-16) Crane's Corner - KFBK editorial - Sacramento's Boycott of Arizona (will hurt Sacramentans)
(2010-06-21) The Moderate Voice - A crack in the LA boycott of AZ.
(2010-06-23) The Sacramento Bee - Senator Steinberg is not listening - Bill in State legislature to boycott Arizona
                                                            Read a constituent letter from Steinberg regarding immigration.
(2010-07-13) Ironton Tribune - Arizona’s law isn’t anti-immigration
(2010-07-16) Los Angeles Times - Arizona's immigration law isn't the only one (Will Sacto boycott Colorado, Tennessee and Nebraska too?)

Interesting Web Links - Statistics related to illegal immigration
Federation for American Immigration Reform - a national, nonprofit, public-interest, membership organization of concerned citizens
NumbersUSA - public policy immigration-reduction organization
YouTube - R.I. Troopers Embrace Firm Immigration Role (What...No Boycott?)
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