Boycott Sacramento


Boycott Sacramento Members Urge Sacramento City Council to Rescind Arizona Boycott

Sacramento, CA (July 30, 2010)

In response to the injunctions put in place by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton against the implementation of Arizona immigration law SB1070, the Boycott Sacramento group ( ) is urging the Sacramento City Council to rescind their resolution of economic sanctions against the State of Arizona which they passed on June 15, 2010.

Followers of the site believe that state and local government jurisdictions should not initiate boycotts or "economic sanctions" against fellow Americans, and intend to demonstrate the impact of such boycotts to the Sacramento City Council by encouraging their friends and neighbors to boycott businesses located within the Sacramento city limits. 

The group has registered as a General Purpose Committee with the California Secretary of State and is collecting donations to expand their public relations campaign to traditional media.  They currently are distributing yard signs, bumper stickers and postcards, and are using to schedule picketing events at upcoming City Council meetings and in front of large retailers within the city.

The group's spokesman, Gerald Klaas said, "I hope the City Council takes this opportunity to reconsider their ill-advised boycott of the State of Arizona.  I still wonder who they plan to boycott next.  Will they boycott Montana because they don't like that state's intra-state gun laws?  Will they boycott Oregon because they don't like that state's assisted-suicide law?  Will they encourage other state and local jurisdictions to boycott California when we pass controversial laws like Proposition 215 or Proposition 187? "

Klaas said, "There is no way that the Sacramento boycott is going to impact the State of Arizona, however it will cost Sacramentans for the time and effort expended to review all of the city's existing and planned contracts for connections to the recently out-of-favor state.  This is political grandstanding at its worst.  It serves no practical purpose, but in the name of political correctness it sidesteps our established system of jurisprudence.  Why didn't the City Council wait for the case to come before a federal court and file an amicus brief?  Instead they chose to set a precedent of action that invites other jurisdictions to boycott California the next time we pass a controversial law."

Klaas said, "Considering the governmental messes that both the City of Sacramento and the State of California find themselves in, does the City Council not see how pretentious and out of line it is to preach to Arizona how they should be running their business?  Have they never read the Constitution?  I suggest they start with the 10th Amendment and the 'full faith and credit' clause."

Gerald Klaas can be reached by e-mail at  or (916) 222-2420.

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